When Will Start Normal International Flight In India|| International Flight News Today||

At this time, the talk of regular international flights in the country has intensified, the Indian government has stopped international flights for the past 9 months. International flights are being started only under the Fellow India Mission and Air Bubbles, but now the flights A meeting was held between the airlines companies and the Ministry of Civil Aviation (MOCA) in which the decision was taken as to when international flights could start in the country. Although no report was made on what decision was taken in that meeting, but the media report here is informing that regular international flights can start in January with some countries, these countries will be Coronavirus vaccine has been started because if the vaccine of Karona virus is coming in any country, then regular international flights can start with that country. The countries that have started the vaccine at this time include countries like Saudi, UK, USA and Canada, international flights can be started with all these countries, the most important of which is Saudi Arabia because Saudi Arabia has not yet Permission for international flights has not been given here and it is expected that now that the vaccine has arrived in Saudi Arabia, international flights can also start quickly. Saudi flights from India have been closed since the start of the Coronavirus. There are many people who want to go from India to Saudi Arabia to meet their families in connection with their work but due to no flight, all these people are not traveling. Are able to do From here onwards, Indian Reliance companies have already opened their flight tickets for Saudi Arabia. Later, after not getting permission from Saudi Arabia, these people have to stop booking their tickets, so this time also it seems It is said that if Saudi Arabia does not allow flights from India in the month of January, in such a situation Indigo and SpiceJet will cancel their flight ticket booking again, in such a situation, your money can be cropped with these company

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